5 Star Hotels in Lansdowne for Comfortable Stay

Lansdowne is a fantastic place that holds the Pauri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand and appreciated for both natural beauty and beautiful surroundings. You can feel the extraordinary atmosphere and bliss environment and ideal for activities as sightseeing, trekking, paddling, bird watching, boating and much more.

lans castle

                                                                                                          lans castle

Lansdowne Hotel, is a very unique position for a basic and relaxing vacation. Accommodation of this hotels is very comfortable and cozy. It has 4 deluxe rooms, 10 Valley view Rooms with Balcony and 6 Valley view Rooms with Private Terrace. You can Lansdowne Hotel Booking with very reasonable packages.

lans castle

                                                                                                                   lans castle

Staying at Lansdowne is ideal Places to Stay in Lansdowne. It is decorated with modern amenities and offer warm hospitality, will sure make your holidays is more memorable and special. The people who live around Delhi then Lansdowne is best choice for enjoy weekend. It is one of the most fantastic choice of people to enjoy Weekend Destination around Delhi.

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