Enjoy Weekend Destination Around Delhi

Lansdowne is a small but very alluring hill station of the Garhwal district in Uttarakhand state. It is tourist destination of India. Lots of tourist come from all over the world and preferred for its comfortable weather throughout the year. Lansdowne has very beautiful and picturesque location.

Lans Castle

                                                                                       Lans Castle

The best thing is Lansdowne is perfect for Weekend Destination around Delhi and it is popular for its natural beauty and attractive environment. So many Places to Stay in Lansdowne. It is well connected by roads and unique cities which gives sense of seclusion and peace. Now-a-days lots of people want to spend time in beautiful environment, Lansdowne is one of the best option.

Lans Castle

                                                                                                           Lans Castle

For a comfortable stay, Lans Castle is the best and 5 Star Hotels in Lansdowne. We warm welcome to our guest with welcome drink and the cup of tea with cookies. We are providing world-class hospitality and services. You can choose one of the budget range of hotels that available in Lansdowne.

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